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Our Story

About the Level Playing Field Corporation ®

Our name bears our mission. Since our founding in 1998, we have worked to level the playing field of opportunity through access to high quality affordable online education – to help people who have been locked out of the opportunity to earn a college degree.

Offering true, unfettered “Open Admission” has been our mantra, and our focus is to serve, what was once, a profoundly overlooked community – working adults. 

We were introduced to 50-year-old Grantham College of Engineering, as a proven academic platform of caliber that could be the cornerstone of our efforts to fulfill the mission. After extensive vetting by the accrediting commission, we acquired Grantham College of Engineering.

Soon after, we learned that a large population of the adult students who were attracted to Grantham’s mission and commitment to serve and support, came from historically underserved communities and first-generation college families.


Our first day on Grantham’s campus was November 1, 2000. Grantham had 231 students, 12 adjunct faculty, an administrative staff of six, and only two degree programs. The College had earned an outstanding reputation serving its mission, summarized in part by “Serving those Who Serve ®”, because the institution predominately served the unique needs of military learner communities. Grantham’s founder, Donald Grantham, was a WWII veteran and a radio engineer, who, upon returning home from the South Pacific, educated fellow veterans helping them obtain FCC Licenses to take advantage of jobs supporting television – the new technology of the day.

We invested in talent, upgraded existing programs, added new programs to meet the demands of prospective students, implemented technology and streamlined processes to improve the student experience. Eventually, Grantham expanded from a single college with a few degree programs to the university it is today with four colleges representing four major disciplines of study. Recognizing the increasing demand for professionally relevant degree programs in an evolving global economy, we expanded the definition of ‘those who serve’ to include first-responders and health care professionals. Grantham University has established long-standing relationship with these service-oriented communities and welcomes adult learners from all walks of life.

Looking back over more than 20 years, standing on Mr. Grantham’s shoulders, on January 2, 2021, we celebrated Grantham’s 70th Anniversary. Today Grantham University offers a high quality college education at one of the lowest tuition rates in the country, and as result, has earned awards and recognition from organizations like Blacks in Government, Cristo Rey, the NAACP, the Secretary of Defense and many others.

By virtue of enrollment, Grantham University is today ranked by the Department of Defense, as a “Top 25” four-year-degree-granting institution serving all branches of the military.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to Level the Playing Field ® of opportunity through access to affordable high quality online education.

Our Vision:

We aspire to bridge the education and digital divide, e-mancipating education and leveling the playing field for ALL. Using our portfolio of services and combined history of proven university and corporate leadership, we seek to increase degree attainment beyond high school and to create pathways for career progression and workforce development in high demand career fields.

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Core Values

The Level Playing Field ® leadership and staff are committed to:


We commit to uphold the highest standards of honesty, integrity and personal accountability. We endeavor to build an organizational culture grounded in transparency and best practices.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We encourage tolerance, mutual respect and acceptance of differences throughout the organization. We believe diversity enhances our culture, improves productivity and allows our workforce to contribute to the global community.

Students First

We place the academic and personal success of students at the center of everything we do. We follow best practices to facilitate students’ development and success from the point of entry to degree completion.


We pledge ourselves to positive social and economic impact


We are dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals, families and communities.