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In The News - Cal Smith of Grantham University

Cal Smith describes how Grantham University allowed him to get an education even though he had a family and busy life. He says not all students are brick and mortar college students and that Grantham’s online program gave him a second chance.

First-generation student Barbara King says “It’s never too late” to get your degree

2018 Grantham graduate Barbara King discusses her experience as a first-generation college student who chose to return to college after a long absence. The flexibility of Grantham’s 100% online classes allowed her to balance work, life and family as she achieved her goal of finishing her degree. Her advice to working adults considering going back to college and earning their degree: “It’s never too late.”

Healthcare professional Kelly Cooper “loved Grantham from the day I started”

Kelly Cooper worked for years in healthcare, but wanted the credentials to go with her experience. She earned her Master of Science in Healthcare Administration and says the flexibility of Grantham’s courses were “flawless” and perfect for her demanding work schedule. “I loved Grantham from the day I started.”

Faith White proves “there’s always a way” to earn your degree, even when deployed

Military student Faith White completed her personal mission of finishing her master’s degree while deployed to Iraq. She persevered in the face of adversity and, with the support and assistance from her advisors and instructors, overcame the obstacles along the way to earning her Master of Science in Business Intelligence. Faith says “If you want it, you can do it. There’s always a way.”

Grantham University - Motivated to Achieve a ‘Family First’

Richard Sheppard, an alumnus of Grantham University, talks about the motivation behind his achievements and becoming the first in his family to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Grantham University: Proud to Educate Military Spouses

Grantham University has proudly educated military heroes, including their spouses and children who make sacrifices, too. Through decades of serving military families, we recognize that as a military spouse, you balance a lot but still have big dreams – that require education. That’s why Grantham helps maximize your time, potential and future with convenient online courses and flexible monthly schedules. Whether relocating or remaining stationed on one base, you’ll find Grantham makes it easier to fit a college education into your military lifestyle.

In The News - Grantham University graduate Christopher Martin

After earning his bachelor’s degree in business administration, as an E-8, Chris Martin received his selection for commission as a United States naval officer. Ultimately, he advanced 6 pay grades in 5 years thanks to his determination and hard work; education pays.